Services & Facilities - Lear Sense Hotel

The Lear Sense Hotel offers you an amazing total experience, one which will refresh and heighten your senses while pampering you in our magical corner of the world.
Some of the services we offer our guests:
Cooking and culinary workshops using seasonal produce.
Perfume and unique scents shop.
Holistic and body treatments.
Coaching workshops, yoga and more.
Menu of sensual music chosen on the basis of emotions, colors and texture.
Business services – use of the lounge for business meetings, meeting and conference room, quiet work space.
Laundry services.
Free WIFI throughout the hotel .

Lear Rooftop

On the hotel's rooftop you can enjoy a relaxing and refreshing dip in the fashioned infinity pool, relax at one of the seating niches which look out over a pastoral and picturesque view of the valley and hills, and sample some of the delicacies of the Tapas Bar. In the evening the Lear Rooftop provides a special experience under the stars,enhanced by along with a gentle breeze brushed with the scents of the nearby woods.
RoofTop active only during the summer months

Aberto Chef Restaurant

Following years of working at some of the most renowned restaurants both in Israel and around the world, Chef Assaf Stern teamed up with  Tzahi Tzuk to create the Lear's Mediterranean chef restaurant  Aberto  (which in Italian means "noble behaviour").  Here you'll be able to dine on trendy gourmet dishes prepared from local seasonal and organic produce with careful supervision of the use of highest-quality products. "There is tremendous potential in this area of nature," says Chef Stern.  "The serenity of the area allows us to forget even for just a moment the challenges of the outside world,.  I put emphasis on the use of excellent raw materials and use those of the local farms. This entire area is very reminiscent of Italy and you can go up to the roof and marvel at the view."

Shaya Spa

The Shaya Spa is located on the hotel's spectacularly beautiful rooftop, overlooking the Moshava and the Jerusalem Hills.  This exclusive spa offers special treatments, packages for individuals and for couples, a traditional Turkish Bathhouse and a quiet indulging relaxation corner.  Our professional staff will pamper you as you choose from any one of our many spa treatments, all the while enjoying our special holistic background music.

Lear Lounge Bar

The hotel's lounge is open to all guests and can be used as a room for business meetings as well as a place for leisurely gatherings.  In the evening it serves as an intimate bar and offers a large selection of local and international wines and alcoholic beverages, trendy cocktails and light repast.  Throughout the day and evening visitors to the Lounge will enjoy a changing selection of background music.

Leisure Activities

Cooking and culinary workshops using seasonal produce
Perfume and unique scents shop
Holistic and body treatments
Coaching workshops, yoga and more
Menu of sensual music chosen on the basis of emotions, colors and texture
Business services – use of the lounge for business meetings, meeting and conference room, quiet work space


You can keep up with your on going workout routines even if not at home.... use of the hotel's modern and well equipped fitness room is s open at all hours of the day and night and free of charge for all hotel guests..

Additional Services

Free WIFI & Laundry services